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Scholarship Scheme

Pre-tenth Scholarship

The Scholarship plan for minority group students from class 1 to 10th has been started in year 1995-96 under which such student whose parents lie in BPL are given monthly-yearly scholarship as in given table in year 2004-05.

S.No. Class Rate
    Monthly Yearly
  Class - 1 to 5 25/Rs- 300/Rs-
  Class - 6 to 8 40/Rs- 480/Rs-
  Class - 9 to 10 60/Rs- 720/Rs-

By de-centralisation of power the right of given scholarship from class 1 to 8th in rural sector has been given to panchayati state institutions in year 1999-2000 by state government. The allotted fund for scholarship programms  is directly transferred in account of  Gram Panchayat in this scheme and the panchayat distributes this fund in open meeting.

The fund is given in cash from class 1 to 8th and this is given by Bank Advice from class 9 to 10th in present time. This fund is deposited in account of Gram Nidhi Account III by Panchayat in rurat sector. The fund comes in joint account of school in urban sector.

The allotted fund was 11473.38 lac Rs. in financial year 2003-2004 for this scheme 3320135 minority students were benefited in financial year 2004-2005 for which allotted fund was 11473.28 lac Rs. 101050.00 lac Rs. were funded in Ist phase of financial year 05-06 and 1822-21 lac for second phase. The total fund was 11972.21 lac for year 05-06. 8424.89 lac Rs. been given in joint account panchayat/school till Jan 2006 and 52150 schools have taken this facility. 201246 Minority students were benefited with the fund of 8012.24 lac Rs.

Backward Caste Welfare department will provide scholarship-fund for minority backward students mentioned in notice no. 2690/52-3-2004, till October 2005. This is mentioned in G.O. of 16-10-2004.

This Government Order (GO) was full effective in financial year 05-06 and it has been observed that the number of General Minority students was less therefore there was demand to decrease the fund for same purpose. There is new proposal for financial year 06-07 in accordance with new one. There will be a fund of 7500.00 lac Rs. in Ist phase and 1822.00 lac Rs. second phase of financial year 2006-2007. The total fund will be 9322.00 lac Rs. 2575196 Minority students will be benefited with this proposal.