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Role, Functions & Responsibilities | Official Website of Minority Welfare and Waqf Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Role, Functions & Responsibilities


Country has been declared as secular, socialist and democratic republic in the constitution of India. Constitution forbids discrimination among citizen on the basis of religion, it also empowers minorities with the right to preserve and promote their religion, culture and language. Simultaneously it also gives the right to establish and manage the educational institutes of their likings.

Various schemes are being run by the government to dispose of the specific problems being faced by minority classes in their social, economical and educational scenario and to bring such communities in the main stream of society and nation. A separate department namely ‘Minority Welfare and Waqf’ was constituted for execution, operation and coordination of such schemes vide Government of Uttar Pradesh notification No. 4056/20-3-95-539(2)/95, dated 12 August, 1995.

Vide state government notification No. 15/40-2-94-14(15)/91 dated 07.10.1994 Muslim, Christians, Sikh, Bouddh and Persian communities have been declared minority and Jain community has been notified as Minority vide notification No. 440/52-4-2003-1 (3)-96 dated 29 March, 2003.

Objectives of Department

  • To promote education, distribution of equal scholarship to minority students like Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes students in order to put a check on drop out.
  • To teach Math, Science, English and Hindi in the Madarsa/Maktab after modernization of these institutes so that the minority students came out from here can be effectively link with every sector of welfare state.
  • To implement the vocational education, computer education in Madarsa effectively so that children of minority communities getting education from these traditional institutions may link with main stream of the nation.
  • To construct hostels in Girls Higher Secondary Schools in the educationally backward minority dominated areas for reforming the education level of girls.
  • To develop the Waqf properties and enhance the income of it so that Waqf may contribute effectively as per wish of Waqif as charity (social, religious and cultural) organization.
  • To enhance access of various health schemes being run by state government related with Mother/Child and veterans.
  • Effective implementation of the schemes being run for reforming the status of employment for minorities in private/semi private and public sector
  • To provide the status of Minority Institute to educational institute established and operated by minorities for encouragement in educational sector.  
  • To provide margin money for generation of self employment through Uttar Pradesh Minority Finance Development Corporation, to provide Term Loan and interest less loan to meritorious students for vocational education.

The decision has been taken to maintain the participation of minorities in the various welfare schemes being run through different departments of the state as well as constitutional right of minorities and implication of state government is completely inclined wherein the preparation of format of various welfare schemes, that state level committees of different departments, constituted to review the implementation status of such schemes, Secretary Minority Welfare and Waqf will be nominated as member. Likewise District Minority Welfare Officer will be nominated as member in the committee related with reviewing the progress of minority welfare schemes being run at district level.