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About Minorities Welfare Department | Official Website of Minority Welfare and Waqf Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

About Minorities Welfare Department


The Country has been declared as a secular, socialist and democratic republic in indian constitution where constitution dies not allow the diserimination  on the basis of religion, there provides the right of preservation and cultivation of language and culture. At the same time thes provides the right of establishment at the same time, this provides the right of establishment at their favorite educational institutions and their management.

Many plans are being run for the minority group so that their social and economic condition can be improved and with the development of education, Economic Condition and social development, they can be brought up in main stream of society. Government is doing for the same. 'Minority Welfare and Waqf Department has been generated on 12 Aug 1995 by the state government in notice number 4050/20-3-95-539(2)/95 for such plans. This department has been generated for the co-ordination, implementation and functioning of such plons.

Objectives of Department

  • To provide scholarship to the minority like sc/st students so that the tendency of dropping school of minorities, can be checked.
  • Modernization of madarsa and Maqtab, inclusion of Math's, Science, English and reading and writing of Hindi in syllabus, so that minorities can give active contribution in every section of welfare state.
  • Application of commercial computer education in Madarsa so that minorities can come in the main stream of Nation.
  • Construction of Girls Hostels in backward era of education related to girls so that there may be good improvement in Higher Secondary Education of girls.
  • Development of  charity property so that their income can be increased this will provide dominant contribution in welfare institution (Social, Religious, Cultural),
  • Various-government health related schemes and plans are being run and to reach access of these schemes and plans to the mother/child and old man of minority.
  • Dominant application of plans for the employment of minorities in private/semi-Government, government sector.
  • To encourage minorities in education sector, provide minority institution class, to the established education institution by minority.
  • To provide loan for self employment to the minorities Uttar Pradesh welfare financial Development co-operation limited.
  • To give term-loan and provide loan without interest to the Brilliant student.
    • The secretary of charity of welfare for minority has been nominated as member in state committee due to following reasons.
  • Strong participation of minorities in state government welfare schemes.
  • Defense of constitutional rights of minorities.
  • To prepare grid-line for for welfare schemes. for the minorities.
  • Functioning of schemes and plans in a same way, the same will be adoped in district level.